Rechovot Rabbonim Call for Boycott of Yakov Shwekey Concert

Rabbonim in Rechovot issued an impassioned called to boycott a concert by Yaakov Shweiki scheduled to take place in the city. Performances of this type stand in stark contradiction to Torah and halacha, and as such have been banned by gedolei Yisroel shlita.

“We hereby wish to make known to the public that the `singing performance’ scheduled to take place in our city by the `singer Shweiki’ involves severe Torah prohibitions,” reads a letter signed by local rabbonim currently being disseminated to Rechovot area residents under the heading, “Notice and Warning,” “and it is forbidden for men, women or children to participate in any manner whatsoever, even if there is separate seating. This [type of performance] has been banned in other locations by gedolei Yisroel, and by safeguarding our camp we will merit a kesivah vechasimah tovoh in the coming Yemei HaDin.”

“I hereby join the published psak halacha by gedolei hador regarding this matter,” added the moro d’asro, HaRav Simchah HaKohen Kook, “and join my fellow rabbonim in the city of Rechovot, and ask the organizer who is organizing the performance to cancel it immediately, and by doing so he will then be blessed, be’ezras Hashem Yisborach.”

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